Jan 29th

My Shawty 3

By Twyla T

‘My Shawty 3: An Original Love Story’ is the final installment in the My Shawty series. Whether you are an avid reader or not, ‘My Shawty 3: An Original Love Story’ is an incredibly easy read that will keep you wanting more from start to end. Twyla T. paints a perfect picture in your imagination with the unique way she describes each character and situation.



Settling into their lives in Jackson, Mississippi, Babyfaceand Vice continue their quest to be the best young kingpins around. Maintaining their covers to be seen as legit, Babyfaceand Vice continue to attend school and work at a local restaurant, respectively. The duo has to keep a watchful eye out for enemies that seem to be gunning for them in every direction. However, when things go sour very quickly, Babyface and Vicefind themselves in a sticky situation. The cousins learn the real cost of being the boss.


Babyface and Chyna have fallen in love and are making plans for the future. They have been living blissfully while trying to get their operation up to speed. The couple is living large while not fully paying attention to the danger that is lurking around them. However, in one fateful night, everything changes. With things occurring that are out of their control, their world collapses at the blink of an eye and leaves all kinds of debris in its quake.


Babyface, Chyna, and Vice’s lives are on a collision course that they are unable to stop. Secrets will be revealed. Someone will die.  Lives will be destroyed. Relationships will end. Who will survive the unexpected whirlwinds that come in and turned their lives upside down? Is a happy ending in sight for anyone? All of these questions can be answered in this final installment of My Shawty 3: An Original Love Story. Step into Babyface, Chyna, and Vice’s worlds one last time to see how it all plays out.

Jan 29th

We Both Can't Be Bae

By Twyla T


Cameron sped down the highway driving ninety plus miles per hour trying to get away from the lunatic who was chasing behind her. She gripped the steering wheel tight as her heart beat rapidly and tears streamed down her face. She could not believe she had been so stupid and sent those pictures. Not thinking had most definitely backfired on her. One part of her wanted to just let go of the wheel and let her Camaro crash so that this chase would end, howeverher sane conscience thought about her son Kingston. Not to mention a mental bell went off reminding her about the child she recently found out she was carrying. With that second thought, she quickly cast her impractical thinkingaside and regained her composure. The black car behind her was closing in and all she could do was pray. The expectant mother had ignored the beeping noises until her car began to slow down. She then realized she was running out of gas, but the crash that came from behind sent her car flipping violently off of the highway……


Jan 28th

Pretty Lips That Thugs Love: Chapter 1

By Twyla T

Chapter 1

“Are you sure you wanna do this girl? I mean, it’s like murder ain’t it?” Kya questioned her home girl Ashanti as she made the exit on Jack Warner Parkway in Tuscaloosa.

Ashanti really didn’t want to have this conversation. She pondered over this pregnancy for a while now, and she decided to do what was best for her. Letting out a loud sigh, she said “Kya, you know Tay ain’t bout to settle down and take care of no baby. Shit, I’ll be stuck by my damn self and will be having to raise a kid alone. Besides, I’m almost four months pregnant so it’s now or never and I pick now,” Ashanti firmly stated.

Kya understood where her friend was coming from because she knew that Ashanti was speaking the truth about Tay. “Aight… I feel you, but I hope Kentay’s ass don’t find out about this because I ain’t got time for his bullshit, so we better hurry up,” Kya replied while she was turning into the Women’s Center. “Where’s Raven at anyway? I thought she was bringing you,” Kya continued while finding a place to park.

“She backed out since she’s pregnant. Said she didn’t feel right bringing me. I understand why,” Ashanti replied as she nodded her head towards the parking lot. They looked at the protestors lined up marching and holding signs. Kya looked like she wanted to say something but kept her mouth closed. Looking at the protestors for another second, Ashanti turned her head away from the window and concentrated back on the task at hand. Ashanti didn’t give a fuck about the protestors because she saw them the week before when she had her first appointment. Why she had to go through two appointments was still crazy to her, she inwardly thought. However, she reminded herself that she had to do what she had to do because Tuscaloosa was closer than Memphis. 

Ashanti was having doubts about keeping her baby because she didn’t really want to go through an abortion, but having a baby at the moment just wasn’t in the plans. Ashanti knew that Kentay wouldn’t do right no matter how many promises he made, and even though she was going to school less than an hour away from home, she would make the best of her scholarship at Mississippi State University. Scoring a 25 on her ACT allowed her to pick pretty much any school she wanted, but Ashanti always wanted to attend State. It was sentimental to her since her dad graduated from there, and he died when she was ten. 

Before they could get out of the car, Kya’s little white Honda Civic started shaking as a reaction from the booming sound system of a truck that had pulled up right behind them. The way the truck was angled, it was clear that the owner was making sure they couldn’t get away. The windows were tinted so black, even the back one which was facing Ashanti, that you couldn’t see who was inside. She did notice that there were no tags on it yet, and she silently prayed Tay hadn’t went and bought a new vehicle. Ashanti stared at the candy red Hummer sitting on 26’s and a lump formed in her throat and her heart starting pounding hard in her chest when her boyfriend Kentay finally exited the vehicle. Both Ashanti and Kya were shocked and in total disbelief to see Tay walking towards their vehicle. “Fuck! That prayer didn’t get answered. How did he know where I was,” Ashanti spewed through gritted teeth to her girl who had just got out of the driver seat. Kya shrugged and ignored the question as she exited her car. She discreetly turned her camera on record mode because she knew some shit was about to pop off that would be worth capturing. 

Kentay slowly got out of his truck with Trap Queen by Fetty Wap blasting and walked towards Ashanti’s side of the vehicle. The expression on his face let her know that he was pissed the fuck off. Trying to buy herself some time and distance from him, Ashanti frantically asked Tay, “What are you doing here? How did you find me? How did you know I was pregnant” She noticed that he wasn’t trying to answer her questions, so Ashanti tried to turn and walk the other way. However, she was too slow and didn’t get away quick enough. Kentay didn’t give one fuck about where he was and what he was about to do. Before Ashanti knew it, he snatched her up and threw her against the car and began choking her. “I know good and got damn well you ain’t bout to kill my mu’fuckin baby!” he spat as his grip became tighter and tighter around her neck. Ashanti couldn’t answer even if she wanted to because his grip was so strong. The only thing she could do was claw at him and tried to pry his hands from cutting off her passage of air. But the more she fought, the tighter his grip became so she finally succumbed to his wrath. After realizing that she had stopped struggling, Tay let her go a few moments after, and Ashanti dropped to the ground in a coughing fit. Ashanti rubbed her neck while coughing, trying her best to ease the pain. She knew there would be marks on her bronze color skin because she bruised easily. 

Kentay stared down at her trying to calm himself and to get control of his emotions. Meanwhile, Kya recorded everything from the opposite side of the car while his homeboy, Slick, sat in the passenger seat of his truck smoking on some Kush and talking on the phone. Slick knew exactly what was going on but dared not to intervene because it wasn’t his business. Moments later, Ashanti got her breathing back under control but remained sitting on the ground. When Ashanti looked up, she stared at the man that she loved with her whole heart as he towered down over her with his six foot frame. As pissed off as she was, she couldn’t help but to stare at everything that she fell in love with about him. His muscular frame turned her on from the jump, along with his dark brown bedroom eyes and smooth golden skin. Kentay was a ladies’ man no doubt, but Ashanti couldn’t resist his charm. He always wore a serious expression on his face, and people knew not to fuck with him. Shaking and trembling from the inside out, Ashanti was scared to death because it was the first time she had been on the receiving end of his wrath in that manner. She wasn’t sure of what he would do next, so she decided to just stay still. 

After what seemed like an eternity, Kentay bent down and pulled Ashanti up roughly. “If you ever try to do some shit like this again, I’ll kill yo ass. You know I love you, and Ima always hold you down so stop tripping and shit. Now give me a kiss with them big, juicy ass lips,” he said, speaking to her as if she was a child and pulled Ashanti’s body closer to him and gripped her thick hips and fat ass. Ashanti didn’t know how to respond, so she just remained quiet. Tay had her five feet, five inch framed pulled close to him so he couldn’t see the tears that were threatening to fall.

After a few moments, Tay finally noticed the fear in her eyes, and he tried to soothe her as best he could. “I’m sorry baby, but you know how I get when you act crazy,” Tay told her and kissed those luscious lips that he loved so much, and Ashanti yielded to him without putting up much of a fuss. He rubbed his hands all over her body, giving her ass and hips extra attention like they were at home instead of outside in the parking lot of a Women’s Clinic.  For some reason, Shanti just couldn’t shake Tay. It was probably because he was all that she knew. “Yo Slick, hop in with Kya while my baby get in wit me,” Kentay said to his home boy. Slick nodded his understand and made the move to switch vehicles. Tay ushered Ashanti to the passenger side and helped her to get in the truck. As Ashanti put her seatbelt on, Kya walked over to the truck, and Ashanti rolled the window down. “Call me later boo,” Kya said with much concern and gave Ashanti her iPhone and purse that she had dropped on the ground. Unable to speak, Ashanti gave Kya a nod and took her stuff and placed them in her lap.

Kentay pulled out of the parking lot and starting riding with both of them deep into their own thoughts. With her head resting on the seat and eyes closed, Ashanti prayed that having this baby would make Tay do right by her, but deep down she felt like it was only going to add to their problems. “I can’t believe you was bout to kill my seed ma. I expect that type of shit from these hoes out in the streets, but not you,” Kentay said in a tone filled with shock and disgust, finally breaking the silence after riding for about fifteen minutes. 

“Tay, it’s not like our relationship is perfect,” Ashanti replied after a few more moments of silence.

“Ain’t no relationship perfect, but communication is everything. Don’t ever do no shit like this again. I got you, and I got my lil man no matter what,” he told her and reached over and rubbed her stomach. 

“How you know it’s a boy?” Ashanti asked while smiling.

“I just know,” Kentay answered and smirked.

Silence filled the cabin once more. It wasn’t until then that Ashanti noticed that they weren’t headed back towards home; instead, they were on Interstate 20 going east. Taking a peak in her direction, he could see confusion written all over her. “Just sit tight. I got you,” Tay said when he noticed the look on Ashanti’s face and kept driving. Before she knew it, Ashanti had dosed off, and when she woke up, Tay was turning off of 459.  Looking in Tay’s direction, she smiled and started feeling excited because she figured out where they were heading. Ashanti knew he was going to the restaurant she mentioned to him the last time they rode through Birmingham. Ashanti loved Italian food and mentioned Gianmarco’s Restaurant to Tay because of the great reviews. But that was about six months ago, and she had forgotten about it. Evidently he hadn’t. 

They walked in and were seated within five minutes. It was fifteen minutes after eleven, so they beat the lunch hour crowd and placed their orders right away. When the waitress walked away, Kentay pulled a box out of his pocket. Ashanti’s hands went straight over her mouth. “Oh my gawwddd!!” Ashanti squeaked when he opened the box and laid eyes on the platinum diamond ring. 

“Wait a minute… calm down baby!” Kentay said trying to keep her from jumping the gun. “This ain’t no engagement ring. It’s a friendship ring. I’m only 23 and you 18 so ain’t neither one of us ready for marriage, but as long as you wearing this ring, I got you,” he told her. Tears were forming in Ashanti’s eyes. “It’s beautiful baby,” she finally said. 

“I just want you to stay committed to me,” Ashanti continued.

“I got you baby. I’m working on getting better for you,” Kentay replied. 

“I hope so baby. I can’t keep going back and forth with all of these thots tryna prove my love when I shouldn’t have to,” Ashanti retorted.

“I know. You’ve been holding me down for almost three years, and I appreciate you. This is my way of moving in the right direction. It ain’t gon happen overnight, but we gon get there. I love you girl,” Tay sincerely replied. He knew that Ashanti had to do a lot sneaking and going against what her mother said to be with him, so he told himself that it was time to step up and do right by her. Ashanti finally noticed two keys hanging from the ring after picking it up and out of the box, and was shocked some more. 

“What are the keys for?” she inquired.

“When we leave here, Ima show you,” he told her.

After finishing their delicious meals, Kentay paid the bill and they left. Ashanti wasted no time posting her ring on every social media site she had an account for as soon as she got settled in the truck. Her notifications were blowing up on Facebook, Snap Chat, Instagram, and Twitter. She captioned the picture with the hashtags #HisForever #ImWifey #PleaseBelieveIt and also took an off guard picture of him driving and tagged him on Facebook. Kentay barely got on Facebook, but Ashanti tagged him in pictures so the hoes would know she wasn’t going anywhere. The crazy thing about their relationship is that she never caught him cheating. However, there was always a different female calling and texting Ashanti about Tay, so she knew for them to be that bold, something had to be going on no matter how much he denied it. 

Two hours later, Kentay lightly shook Ashanti after he parked. Ashanti didn’t even realize she had gone to sleep, and when she focused, she wondered what in the world they were doing at Carpenter Place. They were parked at the new condos on Louisville Street in Starkville. “Get out and let’s see. Be sure you grab those keys,” he told her. Ashanti got out behind Kentay and followed him. They were parked in front of building G, which was in the back, and Kentay stopped at door number 4. Ashanti put one of the keys in the lock and it opened. When she walked inside, her mouth hit the floor. The place looked like it came straight off of HGTV. The wooden floors were glistening and the living area was very spacious. Ashanti could see the beautiful marble top on the island and fell in love with it instantly. An 80 inch flat screen was mounted on the wall with a sound bar connected to it. Ashanti walked slowly through the place not believing it could get any better, but she was wrong. She walked into the master bedroom and slipped off her shoes because the carpet was so pretty and white. It felt like cotton in between her toes. There was a California King bed in the idle of the floor, and it was already decorated in red and black. The bathroom had a walk in shower, a Jacuzzi, his and her sinks and it was color coordinated with the décor from the bedroom.

Realizing she hadn’t said a word since she entered the apartment, she turned towards Kentay and said “Baby is this our place?” Ashanti finally asked after doing a complete walk through of the entire condo.

“It’s yours. Everything here is in your name. Of course I’ll be here, but it’s all yours baby. I know you going to school here, so you need to be close to campus instead of driving back and forth,” he smiled and told her. 

Not sure of what to say, Ashanti said the first thing that came to her mind. “Well you know my motor went out in my car so I was gonna stay on campus anyway,” she responded with total surprise still lacing her voice.

“I got that taken care of too,” Kentay said proudly and pulled a key out of his pocket and handed it to her.

“You bought me a car too,” Ashanti excitedly replied. “Where is it?” she asked and started walking towards the front.

“Hit the alarm,” Tay replied. Ashanti quickly opened the door and looked out to see which vehicle the key belonged to.

BEEP! BEEP! She did as he said and the alarm beeped to a brand new red 2016 Range Rover. “Oh my gawwddd!! You bought me a Range,” Ashanti screamed and ran and hopped in. Her name was engraved in the steering wheel as well as the custom made floor mats. She checked out all of the features while Kentay stood there smiling at her. “Baby, I can’t believe you did all of this for me. Thank you so much,” Ashanti cried and tears started streaming down her face.

“You’re welcome baby girl. It’s the least I can do. I give different kids scholarships for college all the time, so what I look like not making sure my girl and my baby are taken care of,” Tay replied. Ashanti got out of the truck and kissed him sensually. 

After kissing for what seemed like forever, Kentay pulled his lips from Ashanti, trying to get some much needed air. “Damn, you got my dick hard as fuck. You bout to throw me off track. I gotta go and take care of some business, but you keep my pussy wet for me. I’ll be back later,” Tay told her and kissed her again and squeezed her ass before hopping in his Hummer and leaving. Ashanti was smiling from ear to ear when she went back in and walked around her new place. “I knew he loved me. Things are starting to look up thanks to you,” she cooed to the baby while rubbing her stomach.


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