My Shawty 3

Published by: Twyla T on 29th Jan 2017 | View all blogs by Twyla T

‘My Shawty 3: An Original Love Story’ is the final installment in the My Shawty series. Whether you are an avid reader or not, ‘My Shawty 3: An Original Love Story’ is an incredibly easy read that will keep you wanting more from start to end. Twyla T. paints a perfect picture in your imagination with the unique way she describes each character and situation.



Settling into their lives in Jackson, Mississippi, Babyfaceand Vice continue their quest to be the best young kingpins around. Maintaining their covers to be seen as legit, Babyfaceand Vice continue to attend school and work at a local restaurant, respectively. The duo has to keep a watchful eye out for enemies that seem to be gunning for them in every direction. However, when things go sour very quickly, Babyface and Vicefind themselves in a sticky situation. The cousins learn the real cost of being the boss.


Babyface and Chyna have fallen in love and are making plans for the future. They have been living blissfully while trying to get their operation up to speed. The couple is living large while not fully paying attention to the danger that is lurking around them. However, in one fateful night, everything changes. With things occurring that are out of their control, their world collapses at the blink of an eye and leaves all kinds of debris in its quake.


Babyface, Chyna, and Vice’s lives are on a collision course that they are unable to stop. Secrets will be revealed. Someone will die.  Lives will be destroyed. Relationships will end. Who will survive the unexpected whirlwinds that come in and turned their lives upside down? Is a happy ending in sight for anyone? All of these questions can be answered in this final installment of My Shawty 3: An Original Love Story. Step into Babyface, Chyna, and Vice’s worlds one last time to see how it all plays out.



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