We Both Can't Be Bae

Published by: Twyla T on 29th Jan 2017 | View all blogs by Twyla T


Cameron sped down the highway driving ninety plus miles per hour trying to get away from the lunatic who was chasing behind her. She gripped the steering wheel tight as her heart beat rapidly and tears streamed down her face. She could not believe she had been so stupid and sent those pictures. Not thinking had most definitely backfired on her. One part of her wanted to just let go of the wheel and let her Camaro crash so that this chase would end, howeverher sane conscience thought about her son Kingston. Not to mention a mental bell went off reminding her about the child she recently found out she was carrying. With that second thought, she quickly cast her impractical thinkingaside and regained her composure. The black car behind her was closing in and all she could do was pray. The expectant mother had ignored the beeping noises until her car began to slow down. She then realized she was running out of gas, but the crash that came from behind sent her car flipping violently off of the highway……




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