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35 years old
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I am the one and only Mz. Demeanor. My series are as follows: Bout Last Night 1-3, A hood Love in Atlanta 1-4, Thick Sweet Georgia Peach 1-3, Gucci Red (Part two drops soon) and Young Thugs and the Chicks That Love Them with Author LaQuita Cameron. I am an urban romance author with a flair for the dramatic. My goal is for every book to read like a movie. If you can envision my characters and feel their emotions then I feel as if I have failed you. I am always working on ways to improve upon my craft. I think that urban fiction is such a hot genre because it allows US to tell our stories as we have lived them. I think that I put a little of myself in every book which I have found to be the thing that ultimately resonates with the readers. I love talking to readers and networking with new authors because I feel that we all are apart of each others success. Every book link dropped, author tagged, or author interviewed gives us a greater visibility among those that may not otherwise see us. I have so many things in store for the future and I only hope that you all continue on my journey with me. Peace and Blessings.

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