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Autumn Cheree

33 years old
United States
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Trapped Between A Thug & A Boss releases 2.4.17
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Autumn Cheree is straight out of McKeesport, Pa. Her ambitious drive allows her to be successful in all that she does including her medical career. She's fully aware that if you can think it, you can grasp it in real life. Those thoughts alone led her down the path of finally bringing her craft of writing to life and ultimately starting her own publishing company Ink Pen Mafia Publications.
Autumn Cheree has been writing short stories and illustrating comic books since she was nine years old. Easily breezing through pages because it was always a passion and a way to release stress and emotions. Growing up in Pittsburgh Pa she didn't always take the good girl route like her mother intended for her to go. The streets always intrigued her, she played witness to a lot of hood foul play and overcame the deepest of struggles including going to college to better herself. She started writing her first book in 2007 but never gave it a true shot. Being a jack of all trades Autumn was always creating something to call her own but her heart always led her back to literature.

"I am just so happy to finally be able to create my own happiness through writing. This is my passion and I do it for the love and for my fans" - A.Cheree

Finishing her first novel entitled "Loyalty Aint Dead" inspired her to keep writing and pursue her dream as a household name author. She'd like to one day venture into screenplays and many more greater endeavors. Connect with her on Facebook, your support and interaction is always noticed and appreciated. Stay tuned for more great things from this talented writer!

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