Who Do I Run To? Part 2

eg: stopmotion, new-york, street
Janiece is finally settled with her husband Isaiah after a whirlwind of drama with her ex lover K.P. and his wife Kimberly. Ready to live happily ever after, her husband Isaiah is called back to duty and has to serve eighteen months in Iraq, leaving her behind just when K.P. moves back to Chicago. Not over Janiece, K.P. seeks to get her back, but is shocked to find out she is now married and expecting her first child and there is no chance for them to start over. Unable to move on, K.P. decides to try to be a friend, causing drama and turbulence with Janiece s in-laws while Isaiah is away serving his country. Janelle tries to be a comfort for Janiece during her pregnancy and separation from her husband, but she has issues of her own at home with her husband Gregory. Their marriage takes a turn for the worse as Gregory begins to put business before family and neglects his duties as a husband to Janelle and fatherly responsibilities to the twins. Janelle finds herself walking in someone else s shoes and she realizes what goes around sometimes come back around and she should never say never.

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